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Stand out

Brand strategy to stand out in the crowd

Break out

Marketing strategy to break the barriers

Reach out

Campaign strategy to reach the target audience​

We provide break-out strategies to breach barriers. We offer stand-out branding solutions to shine in the crowd. We create reach-out marketing campaigns to help you cross the winning line.

We believe every brand can find its way forward. We offer out of the box solutions to startups, MSMEs, IMNCs to up their game.
Brand strategies that boosts businesses from within and without
Making Brands Win!

Our solutions are designed to align your ambitions with actions.

Why strategy?

At THOTIN Solutions, we begin by delving into your comprehension of strategic communication's purpose and assessing your awareness of the process. Articulating your vision sets the stage for determining a feasible and timely path to mission accomplishment. Crafting a winning strategy is akin to achieving half the battle. To develop a robust strategy, we immerse ourselves in the envisioned experience, contemplating benefits and implications. This process involves creating life-like scenarios, meticulously considering all aspects and facets of the strategy.

Our Expertise
related to Strategy


We understand how difficult it is to take risks – and begin We strive to make your budding brand win


We know your need to be in touch with the outside, and within We affirm it is indeed the way to make your MSME win


We appreciate your urge to be a leader, a linchpin We aspire to assist you to make your IMNC win

Out of the box


Playing the devil’s advocate and
asking the difficult questions

We believe asking the right questions leads to the right answers constructively. We are trained in probing as a way of unraveling possibilities and expanding horizons. Our experience of working through similar situations lends us the ability to pose relevant and, at times, even difficult questions. Sometimes, we also assume the role of a devil’s advocate – seeking to understand other aspects of your marketing communication strategy.

Envisioning your strategy as the
first step towards success

Together with you, we try to see the big picture, envision the big idea behind your dream. We then attempt to pinpoint the X factor which is not letting you sleep and which can truly fire your passion. Envisioning your strategy helps gauge the worth of your success and helps set expectations realistically. The mental, live-through prepares you psychologically to come to terms with reality.

Role-playing multiple scenarios
to figure out the right one

As mentioned above, there could be many possible routes available to reach your destination. A good strategy is such that explores all such paths and weigh in for its pros and cons. This way of critical thinking helps you in finding the most appropriate way forward. Most importantly, you’ll be aware of all the other possible paths and the faults it is frought with. At times, it helps in cherry-picking the favourable actions from multiple options.

Using limited resources for
unlimited results

We understand that taking reality into account, the decisions become extremely constraining. Probably, given an option of unlimited resources, you might not even require a strategy. Keep pumping in the dough and you might get what you want with your might. Realistically, that does not stand true for anyone. So, it takes a good strategy to employ the available restricted resources in the most effective manner to derive the best or unlimited results.

Strategic and Specialised Storytelling
for Brand Success!

We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more growth by building your brand, driving the right message, connecting you with your audience and making you win.

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Strategy Coaching

Our session is designed to help you unlock your brand's potential by analysing your present, and prepare you for a brighter future.


Strategy Workshop

Our workshop is focused on helping you unlock the full potential of your brand by aligning your purpose with your pursuit.


Strategy Consultancy

Our comprehensive consultancy offers services to help businesses unlock the full potential.

based on trust.

We hired Thotin in the middle of our journey as a Tech start up. The in detailed sessions helped us discover our journey our challenges our product our road map so much better that it shaped our entire product into something amazing. I would highly recommend every one out there looking for guidance to get THOTIN and team to help you with the same. THOTIN and Globally United now are now one team as we still working together on our journey ahead. Without there guidance we could be lost finding our road to the mountain top 😊🔥

Ketan Tuteja

Globally United

THOTIN helped us in creating recommendations for a communication campaign on women entrepreneurship and women economic empowerment for GIZ India. I appreciated most about this strategy workshop was the way the content was structured and for the excellent work that you did as a workshop facilitator.

Stephanie Mumenthaler

The German Agency for International Cooperation or (GIZ)

Working with THOTIN was a pleasure. They are professional in their approach in the true sense. Communication, understanding of the concept, delivery - all aspects were managed as per our expectations and sometimes beyond. Manisha, as the face of THOTIN is an excellent communicator. It was really easy to work with Manisha and THOTIN because of mutual respect for the strategic expectation and approach.

Abinash Lahkar

Save the Children

Thank you for your exceptional work on this project. Your approach was collaborative and inclusive, and you took the time to understand the wide spectrum of the project. THOTIN helped to develop the brand strategy for Views from the Frontline 2019 (VFL 2019) and create a training toolkit with the aim of strengthening the inclusion of at-risk people in a collaboration involving them, civil society members as well as governments for designing and implementing risk-reduction and resilience-building policies and practices. It is always pleasure working with THOTIN team - strategic, prompt, positive and creative as always!

Shivangi Chavda

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)
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