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We understand your passion for expansion and we turn you into a trailblazer. If you have the desire to scale up to a larger role, we can manage the scope of upscaling.

When you aspire to expand to the next level either vertically or horizontally, extending your customer base becomes almost imperative. Both kinds of growth require considerable escalation in communication efforts. When you grow horizontally, you reach out to a similarly minded audience, but expand the geographical reach and thus increase the size of your audience. This entails engaging audiences from different locations whose habits and interests might be entirely distinct. On the other hand, when you scale up vertically, you reach out to new groups of audiences. This also requires you to understand and address each new group’s behaviour and aspirations, separately as necessary.



Being aligned
with purpose

When you are looking to expand, it is easy to lose track of your initial purpose and instead go with the flow. While this might bring in some growth, you may not get a sense of real progress. This can be a source of great distress by itself. What is needed at this juncture is taking a step backand reassessing your purpose and the progress made to achieve the same and the trajectory along which you are progressing. You can then make any necessary tweaks and arrangements to stay on course.

Adapting your voice to a
new market and varied competition

Having a brand voice is great but it needs to be understood. When you intend to grow, any rigidity in your approach can become a roadblock. Taking a fluid attitude towards adapting to new markets and facing varied competition is the best approach. You will need to gauge any disconnect as a reason for concern and something to be avoided. Ideally, you will need a partner who can research the new environment and suggest apposite changes.

Working with
new connections

When you are working with new connections, a feeling of being out of your comfort zone can be expected. Critically, in terms of communication, this is the stage wherein you are re-establishing your reputation and any internal discrepancy can be blown out of proportion. It is therefore imperative that you establish a good connection with your team, peers, and along the supply chain which in turn can translate into a good rapport with your new customer base.

Measuring and
correcting course

Expansion can be overwhelming; it helps to have milestones for checks and balances established right at the beginning. This can both keep you motivated as well as grounded in the reality of your progress. It also institutes a transparent system of measuring and evaluating progress, making it easier to detect and fix any course deviations. In today’s agile times, organisations are defined by their flexibility in gauging and correcting the course of their expansion.


Stepping into the realm of multi-national companies (IMNCs) requires strategic finesse. If you’re looking to broaden your footprint, spread your wings, and become a trailblazer, THOTIN is here to assist you in achieving your IMNC’s aspirations.


Brand strategy for IMNCs to stand out in the crowd


Marketing strategy for IMNCs to break the barriers


Campaign strategy for IMNCs to reach the target audience

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We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more growth by building your brand, driving the right message, connecting you with your audience and making you win.

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Our BrandCARE Strategy Consulting is a comprehensive consultancy that offers annual retainer and monthly maintenance services to help businesses unlock the full potential by aligning their purpose with their pursuit.


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Our BrandCULT Strategic Brand Positioning programme makes full use of the multipronged approach, powered by strong Public Relations Programme.

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A strategy tool is a resource or technique that is used to help organizations develop, analyze, and implement effective strategies. There are many different types of strategy tools available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.


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We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more growth by building your brand, driving the right message, connecting you with your audience and making you win.


Setting Up An Unrivaled Identity

Finding Your Space as a New Kid On The Block

Evolving & Establishing New Standards

Evolving & Establishing New Standards
Setting Up An Unrivaled Identity
Finding Your Space as a New Kid On The Block
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Finding Your Space as a New Kid On The Block
Evolving & Establishing New Standards
Setting Up An Unrivaled Identity
based on trust.

We hired Thotin in the middle of our journey as a Tech start up. The in detailed sessions helped us discover our journey our challenges our product our road map so much better that it shaped our entire product into something amazing. I would highly recommend every one out there looking for guidance to get THOTIN and team to help you with the same. THOTIN and Globally United now are now one team as we still working together on our journey ahead. Without there guidance we could be lost finding our road to the mountain top 😊🔥

Ketan Tuteja

Globally United

THOTIN helped us in creating recommendations for a communication campaign on women entrepreneurship and women economic empowerment for GIZ India. I appreciated most about this strategy workshop was the way the content was structured and for the excellent work that you did as a workshop facilitator.

Stephanie Mumenthaler

The German Agency for International Cooperation or (GIZ)

Working with THOTIN was a pleasure. They are professional in their approach in the true sense. Communication, understanding of the concept, delivery - all aspects were managed as per our expectations and sometimes beyond. Manisha, as the face of THOTIN is an excellent communicator. It was really easy to work with Manisha and THOTIN because of mutual respect for the strategic expectation and approach.

Abinash Lahkar

Save the Children

Thank you for your exceptional work on this project. Your approach was collaborative and inclusive, and you took the time to understand the wide spectrum of the project. THOTIN helped to develop the brand strategy for Views from the Frontline 2019 (VFL 2019) and create a training toolkit with the aim of strengthening the inclusion of at-risk people in a collaboration involving them, civil society members as well as governments for designing and implementing risk-reduction and resilience-building policies and practices. It is always pleasure working with THOTIN team - strategic, prompt, positive and creative as always!

Shivangi Chavda

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)
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