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Making Brands Win!

Strategic and Specialised Storytelling for Brand Success!

Business + Strategy = Brands
THOTIN - Formulae to win

Strategic thinking in business
goal setting strategic management
Corporate strategy in management

Out of the box

Designed to align your ambitions with actions

Stand out

Brand strategy to stand out in the crowd

Break out

Marketing strategy to break the barriers

Reach out

Campaign strategy to reach target audience

Marketing strategy workshop ideas

Why strategy?

What makes a business the brand? There are thousands of businesses, but a fewer brands only. The difference is same as between persons and personalities. There are billions of people, while only a fewer personalities. The brands have a broader purpose and they work with focus in a certain direction, to achieve their objectives.

  • Strategic Outlook

  • Specialised Offerings

  • Story-like Outcomes

  • Success Oriented


Up the Game

Turn your brand story into a success story


Start-up Brand Consolidation

If you are beginning work on your big idea, or have just launched your grand idea, we can support you with the longterm strategic planning, appropriate branding, cost-effective marketing techniques to improve your shot at success.


Step-up Growth for MSME Brands

We understand your challenge of running your MSME successfully in the current competitive landscape. We feel your need to turn yourself into a standout brand. We can help you sustain your growth story by defining your brand story.


Scale-up Assistance for IMNC Brands

We know you have sustained yourself long enough as an Indian entity. Now, if you’re willing to spread your wings further and fly to far flung areas, as a multi-national company, we shall be proud to help you widen your footprint or ramp up to greater heights.


Making brands win!

Strategic Communications to make you win!


A diverse and global community of independent thinkers make up our inclusive workplace.


A diverse and global community of independent thinkers make up our inclusive workplace.


A diverse and global community of independent thinkers make up our inclusive workplace.

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Maximize the growth of your business by building it with a solid brand strategy.


  • Build an authentic & differentiated brand
  • Cut through the noise and deliver a clear message
  • Create a brand with a consistent visual style
  • Be recognized and trusted by your customers
  • Get total brand clarity & skyrocket your growth

Strategic solutions are plans or actions that are designed to address specific challenges or opportunities that an organization may be facing. These solutions are typically developed through a strategic planning process, where the organization analyzes its current state, identifies areas for improvement, and creates a roadmap for achieving its goals.


Experienced expertise refers to a high level of knowledge and skill that has been developed over time through a combination of education, training, and hands-on experience. An experienced expert is someone who has deep knowledge and understanding of a particular subject or industry, and is able to apply that knowledge to solve complex problems or create innovative solutions.


Industry insights refer to a deep understanding of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities within a particular industry. These insights can be gained through a combination of research, analysis, and firsthand experience working within the industry.


happy clients.

We're excited to showcase some of the positive feedback we've received, which demonstrates the tangible impact we've had on our clients' businesses. Reading about their success stories is a powerful reminder of the value of our work, and we feel privileged to have been a part of their journey towards success.

Brand Strategy

We hired Thotin in the middle of our journey as a Tech start up. The in detailed sessions helped us discover our journey our challenges our product our road map so much better that it shaped our entire product into something amazing. I would highly recommend every one out there looking for guidance to get THOTIN and team to help you with the same. THOTIN and Globally United now are now one team as we still working together on our journey ahead. Without there guidance we could be lost finding our road to the mountain top 😊🔥

Ketan Tuteja

Globally United

Strategic Outlook

THOTIN helped us in creating recommendations for a communication campaign on women entrepreneurship and women economic empowerment for GIZ India. I appreciated most about this strategy workshop was the way the content was structured and for the excellent work that you did as a workshop facilitator.

Stephanie Mumenthaler


Strategic Communication

Working with THOTIN was a pleasure. They are professional in their approach in the true sense. Communication, understanding of the concept, delivery - all aspects were managed as per our expectations and sometimes beyond. Manisha, as the face of THOTIN is an excellent communicator. It was really easy to work with Manisha and THOTIN because of mutual respect for the strategic expectation and approach.

Abinash Lahkar

Save the Children

Campaign Strategy

Thank you for your exceptional work on this project. Your approach was collaborative and inclusive, and you took the time to understand the wide spectrum of the project. THOTIN helped to develop the brand strategy for Views from the Frontline 2019 (VFL 2019) and create a training toolkit with the aim of strengthening the inclusion of at-risk people in a collaboration involving them, civil society members as well as governments for designing and implementing risk-reduction and resilience-building policies and practices. It is always pleasure working with THOTIN team - strategic, prompt, positive and creative as always!

Shivangi Chavda


Your WIN, our success

Earning the trust of the best continues to be our privilege.

“Strategy gives your vision a direction.”

Lakshay Dharan

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