» Selamat Brochure

The brochure accompanies the disaster management kit, which is called “Selamat Toolbox”. It is basically a training resource box on disaster risk management.

The mascot used here is a young, indigenous girl. On the cover, the illustrated girl is shown to be holding a tool kit as a large suitcase, information about which is given inside. The brochure defines and explains various techniques to be followed, items to be kept handy, how and when to use them, indigenous tools i.e. risk reduction resources available locally. All of these have been explained very well in the accompanying content. To accentuate the text and its impact, the illustrated girl has been depicted making use of all the tips given.

Base color of the brochure is grey and the inner folds have different tones of the same in asymmetrical shapes. As against sober grey, bright illustration of girl in red and blue takes the highlight. This makes the brochure design attractive.