» Foodstop Brochure

This brochure is rather a two-fold menu card for the restaurant called “Food Stop”. The tagline explains this unique name, saying, “Nothing stops us from serving you.”

Illustration of a waiter on the cover, appearing more than happy to stop clients and serve them the best food that they can ever have is the USP of this brochure. With one hand, the waiter is gesturing the on lookers to stop and with the other, he is holding a steaming hot dish. This illustration is made attractive with bright food colors like red and deep yellow. These warm colors also play an important role in inciting hunger and showing liking for food.

Beneath the illustration is Food Stop’s logo in a horizontally marked out area. Inside the menu, demarcations between food category heads have been done through backgrounds in light and dark tones of the same color. The category names have been placed in bright red flags. It is a neat layout. Though the number of dishes is large, yet the design has managed a mess-free placement of all the required information. Out of the two inner pages, one is dedicated to vegetarian menu while the other has non-vegetarian delights listed.

The back page of the brochure has images of food, attractive packages, platters and offered combos. This page has pre-dominance of red color which immediately catches the eye. Fonts, in the entire brochure, have been kept simple and sans serif for easy readability.