Sustainable Communications

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Communication encompasses all the conversations you must conduct with different types of audiences. It may range from internal – external, local – global, young – old, erudite – illiterate, donor – beneficiary, and general public at large. Communication is the nervous system of an organization. You need a healthy network to perform properly. Without proper connection, you would never know the functionaries are partially working or not working at all. Establishing healthy two-way communication is indispensible. And you need to be at it all the time, all year long. Continuity is the name of the game. THOTIN can help you a great deal in this. You need a strategic plan and mechanisms to sustain long-term. We can help you in the following aspects of Communication.



Branding is a matter of ownership. In this day and age, it’s about the ownership of mindscape. It’s the responsibility of manager of communication to manage to capture as much as possible. There are certain well-established means to achieve the desired effect. Consistency in messaging and outlook can go a long way in reinforcing the brand image. Our expertise in all aspects of branding is not lost while doing anything for you.

Internal Communication

Communication with an internal audience is almost a mandatory ritual. Internal audience can be defined as anyone who is associated with your mission, who has a stake in its success. Board, Staff, Consultants, Peers, Partners, etc. can be counted in this regard. You need to be in touch to apprise them of the organizational and project updates to keep them motivated. And you need to do it on a regular basis.


External Communication

Establishing communication with anyone who is not directly associated with your mission but may influence it in a peripheral or profound ways. The donors, beneficiaries, fellow organisations, government, or general public may be accounted for as an external audience. It is of paramount importance to focus our efforts for us to not go out of mind. Reinstating and reinforcing through right mix of channels can do wonders.

Public Relations

PR is a powerful means to manage the relationship with the audience. It has to be managed well to sync with your agenda and cultivate a positive perception amongst your patrons. PR is usually sought after certain crisis, while its importance lies in using its advantages to avoid any crisis situation. It’s a tool that can be customized according to the geography and demography of the audience.


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If you wish to have a sustainable communication plan in place, and/or a continued with your audiences, and/or an effective fundraising efforts, and/or a successful campaigning spree, and/or a robust support system for your delivery programs, etc. we can chip in at any stage to contribute towards strategic communications, and/or implementations tactics. If there was an opportune time to act rather than just ponder, this is it. Lets…