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If you are looking for somebody to tell your story better, get you more audience and make them your fans too, here we are.

Communicating what you do is as important as your work. Propagating your mission is a part ‘art’ and part ‘science’. Though it encompasses a systematic structure and mandates a definite channel, the messaging is the matter of informed intuition and the behavior of an audience is highly unpredictable. Thus, the result is always speculative. You need a trusted subject matter expert to partner and triumph over this challenge. The following are the key features that define THOTIN as the right partner for your strategic communication endeavors.



Our communication plan is action-oriented and is designed to achieve a long-term or overall objective of your organization. Let us take the great strategic game of chess as an analogy for our communications plan. Our moves are taken with long-term vision and not for petty immediate results. We think many steps ahead and take multipronged approach. We play to your strengths and we help you win.


People respond to stories, are empathetic towards human conditions. Hot air rhetoric and sales pitches doesn’t cut much ice with your audience, which is already bombarded with advertising from all sides. Communication should be conversations. Only by creative means can we expect our audience to stand up and take notice; respond, react, and act on our call. The aesthetics are not mere embellishments. It’s what makes you stand out.



We pride ourselves in being one-stop-shop. We plan to implement or implement according to your plan. As we practice what we preach, our strategies are realistic and based on ground realities. We know the hurdles and understand the challenges. Our solutions are custom-made to cater to the full spectrum communication requirement of a development organization. This also allows a great deal of consistency while working with multiple channels.


By the virtue of the knowledge and valuable experience that we have gained over many years, we have moulded ourselves to the size and cut of the social sector. We have worked with development agencies of varied sizes and multiple causes. In doing so, we’ve come across many talented and motivated individuals, and we owe our success to them. Most of the time, our situation is of ‘been there done that’ but still we try to approach it with a clean slate. If it’s an entirely new job which will challenge us to our core, even better.


Focus Area

We have consciously made our decision to work only with the development organisations.

Does it make business-sense? You may ask. The answer is we don’t know and don’t want to know. We are not here to become a business conglomerate and do not dream of extravagances. On the contrary we loathe it. We are simple, grounded people, who want to change the world for good, in our own capacity. We understand Communication and we want to use this as a tool to do our bit. Thus, we have decided to only work with the socially inclined organisations. The following are the kind (but not limited to) we work with.

Take action

Do you believe, as we do, together we can do a lot?

Lets get started. If your mission is to help we can support you at each step

If you wish to have a sustainable communication plan in place, and/or a continued with your audiences, and/or an effective fundraising efforts, and/or a successful campaigning spree, and/or a robust support system for your delivery programs, etc. we can chip in at any stage to contribute towards strategic communications, and/or implementations tactics. If there was an opportune time to act rather than just ponder, this is it. Lets…